Sunday, April 6, 2014

Motherhood : Sibling Relationship

Having four kids is fulfilling and being a mother is surreal. I have written a topic about sibling rivalry here and i would like to give you some update too regarding that. As i've always say that given a chance to be a mother is a lifetime priviledge and all of us who experienced this gifted love are blessed. I love how Adrian and Gabriel ( formerly named son1 and son2 ) having a great relationship nowadays, better than my previous post. I think maturity for my eldest son occurred now and the acceptance that he has a younger brother to deal with sink to him. They are more likely seen to be together on sports like basketball and playing video games and sometimes having conversations regarding their interest make me smile. I love how Adrian learned to handle the situation being the role model to his brother and to be loving and strict in some point, but i took it on a positive side. He is learning to commit on his duties as a big brother and that's good for me.

On the contrary, my second son Gabriel and my youngest Iya who's seven years apart. Gabriel being the youngest for seven years i know it is not easy for him to cope with the addition and a split attention towards me and his father. But as parents and learned from the past experienced we had from my two son's, we learned to appreciate more each and every actions the two young make. We see to it that all the two of them is been nurtured and equally love. If i have my hand and attention to Iya, my husband would do the job for Gabriel. Sometimes if one seek and lacking attention from parents, it's a reason to start on something that is not good towards a sibling relationship.There are times in early years of Iya that i felt Gabriel did'nt catch up yet, how time lacking on him but i do make it a point to explain to him every single details why his younger sister needed more attention in her early years. I think every child needs an explanation so taht they will know the situation and adapt it. Having a date once in a while for me and my son strengthen the bond and setting aside seeking of attention. I think through that it makes the relationship for his younger sister more acceptable.

Through time and experienced i've learned that having a balance of time and love to be shown for each of my children is the key so that they will have a good relationship. As we live in one roof, i know it's one of the foundation that i can build for them being their mom. A foundation that will keep them stronger and together eventhough they will go on and live with their own life and have a family of their own in the future. I want them to stick together in good times and in bad, if one might fall, one will lift them from that. A sibling bond that will test through times with so much LOVE and SUPPORT for each other. A legacy that will be imparted to them and to our next generation.

Round Up : March

March is the beginning for us exploring places and going outdoors. Even near our home or experimenting new places. A day with a good friend with lots of laughters and stories that every mom will need to breath. Another reason to be memorable is the bonus surprise date with the husband dear that makes March a sweet one. My biggest happiness is that my son Gabriel graduated from the primary level. A heartwarming and mix emotions feelings i have felt. As an addition to that my eldest daughter Jenille just finished another school year and on vacation now, another achievement and a good way to celebrate.

I know April month is much busier outdoors since summer is still here. I can't wait to make more adventures and memories. Hope you all enjoying your summer vacation and a lot of happiness and moments with the one you love most. Happy Summer guys!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


" A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Iya : Admires what ever pretty things that she saw.
Gabriel : Good to see him taking good care of his younger sister. A learning process for him after being the youngest for seven years.
Adrian : Would only allow me to capture a photo ofim with her sister. So i took time to snap while they are having moments together.
Jenille : Relieved that the school examination days are over as well as the school events. She told me that she will try to gain weight this summer after being fully covered for months.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

SNAPS - Sunday Fun Day

1.We came across an event for Philippine Army tribute, a lot of portraits, the army themselves with sort of program and memorabilias and enjoy hearing good songs and some beats along our way.
2. Love seeing my kids walking infront of us. There's an overwhelming emotion inside me that i can't express somehow.
3. Iya enjoy most of the day walking, running, playing and chatting with some of her new "friends". Miss congeniality she is.
4.We then stop by by this Thor inspired man. At first we thought it's an statue but then he moves, that's what we know he's for real. A center of attraction to many passers by.
5. Somewhat thrilled and exhausted, she sat down for a while and ask me to take her a photo.
6. Inspired by an art exhibit, this two took more time going through each and every painting that they saw, then dropping some insights about it too.
7. There's nothing even better for Iya to be at his daddy's arms, mostly when she is tired.
8. A picture of them altogether complete our sunday funday outdoor activities. My pot of gold. A worth treasure to keep.


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"A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2014"

Iya : Love making friends and picking flowers.
Gabriel. : A happy moment to see his face being surprised after knowing he will get his graduation gift earlier than he expected.
Adrian. : Inseperable with his sister, in either way. Maybe because they are only nine months apart and the bond is solid together growing up. Just like i have twins.
Jenille : At 19 i do thank her knowing she still enjoy our company at her age. She makes our family time a priority more than anybody else and it makes my heart pounder.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Giveaway : Skincare and Mason jars Summer Giveaway

It's been a  long time since i hosted a giveaway so i just thought why not have another one now, right? For the first time before i gave one of my favorite item, a LongChamp Cabas Le PLiage and for now as we welcome the season i will give one reader an items consist of two mason jars, ( the regular mouth mason jar and the limited blue one ) 200 ml Nivea after sun spray and lastly a 100ml Belo sunblock mist with spf 50! An additional essential to your summer get away! All items in my previous and current giveaway consist of what this blog content and/or personality is all about. ( Beauty, what i love and pretty things )

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Summer

Yesterday was officially the start of summer! I can feel the intense heat of the sun when Iya and I went to town. We had 34 degrees as of yesterday and for sure temperature rise up as the season goes through. We celebrate the day by going to our local starbucks store and ordered iced coffee instead of the usual cafe latte. A good start to beat the heat.

I am really excited whenever summer time comes. Why? Because we only have two seasons, rainy and sunny, and i go with the latter. Though i must admit, i am a homebody, but this is an exception. Summer season is one of filipino culture wherein extended family and friends get together and reunited with each other. A family trip going to places where you can explore and see new things, preferably going to resorts to many. Most of the time, a reunion wherein each family member or a friend brings pot luck of foods that they share over a happy conversation. If not, a treat provided by a family member or a friend too. A really good time to have an adventure and happy moments to share with someone who are all dear to our hearts.

Hope you start enjoying yours this weekend. Till next time.


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